Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs


FTH Marketing Solutions incorporates digital rewards programs to help your business identify the spending habits of their most loyal customers and simply reward them for their loyalty.  

With the ability to create custom rewards programs tailored specifically to the needs of your consumer, FTH can boost customer loyalty with rewards that accommodate your business and provide incentive for your most loyal customers to continue shopping with you (12-23% increase in customer spending).

One of the most valuable services FTH's loyalty program can offer, is the ability to track customer activity and spending habits. You can monitor customer spending behavior, find out how they are using your programs and increase the chances for them to come back.  

With FTH's customer loyalty programs, businesses will reach new customers with our advanced mobile app, website, social media campaigns and of course, targeted marketing to new customers databases. YOUR business will be discovered by new and existing customers alike.

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