Telecom/IT Audit

Telecom/IT Audit


Let our telecom and IT audit services identify opportunities for your business.

At FTH Marketing Solutions , we understand that most companies are constantly challenged with accounts payable and IT issues. We work to effectively identify telecom inventory and to manage and reduce costs. Accounting is responsible for making sure bills are paid on time (however, in many cases, they don’t have an understanding of the services on the invoice). If the invoices are consistent with those from the prior month, they are usually assumed to be correct and are paid. Telecommunications and IT audit services are your best line of defense against wrongful charges.

The Telecom or Information Technology Department is typically responsible for ordering, implementing, and managing services; however, in many cases, they don’t have access to invoices (or the time) to confirm that charges are consistent with the contracted rates. The lack of cohesion between departments, combined with invoices that are confusing or incorrect, results in a significantly inflated telecom and IT expenditures. This is where FTH can step in and identify ways to improve costs and improve efficiencies. Contact us to get started today.

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